Meet the #UYNNER team
The greatest champions in all sports have entrusted their performance to our high-tech apparel, and this makes us feel proud, but it also makes us feel a duty to continue improving.
National Ski Teams
With our functional underwear, UYN is the official partner and supplier of the world's best national teams.
If ten of the world’s most important national ski teams have chosen UYN’s innovative high-performing base layers and socks, it’s clear we must be the technological leaders on the market. The greatest world cup athletes won’t settle for anything but the best materials!
Kristian Ghedina
Italian legend of the ski
One of the greatest downhill specialists, winner of three World Championships medals and 13 World Cup races.
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The greatest alpine skier in US history
A living legend of alpine skiing, one of the most versatile and talented champions we have ever faced on the ski slopes. Samuel Bode Miller, born in Easton (New Hampshire, USA) in 1977, is one of five men who have won at least once in each of the five alpine skiing specialties. He officially ended his career in 2017 after winning an Olympic gold (Vancouver 2010), four world titles (in Sankt Moritz 2003 and Bormio/Santa Caterina Valfurva 2005) and two World Cups, in 2005 and 2008.
Austria Free Ski Team
The Austrian Freeski team (halfpipe, slope-style, big air) wears UYN jackets, pants and mid-layers. With their spectacular jumps and tricks, the young Austrian athletes are the best testimonials of our values: total freedom of movement, creativity, passion for sport and nature.
Sèbastien Foucan
Parisian living in London, 'Seb' is the pioneer of freerunning, an evolution of parkour. Jumps and acrobatics are his speciality. It is no coincidence that he starred as an actor in the film James Bond 007 - Casino Royale (remember the spectacular chase in the opening scenes?) and in pop star Madonna's 'Jump' video.
Freedom of movement pushed to the extreme.
With UYN technical apparel, Seb is ready for new challenges.
High-performance apparel that enables you to unleash your full potential.
A new experience: the most natural and functional shoes. To meet every challenge.
Paolo Venturini
Tough as few, Paolo is an ultra-runner of the Fiamme Oro and a lover of challenges to the limit. Over the years he has collected more than 20 ultramarathons and taken part in record-breaking feats: from 75km in the hottest desert in the world, the Iranian Dasht-e Lut, to 39km in the coldest place on earth, in Ojmjakon in Siberia. His latest record-breaking adventure? Running for almost three hours on the highest road pass in the world: the Khardung La (5602 metres) in India.
Xcrunde Team
The 15-member trail running team, led by Markus Mingo, achieved more than 20 podiums in the most important international trail running competitions in 2021 alone. UYN is the technical sponsor of the team, supplying apparel with proprieties that meet the harshest requirements of the world’s most intense trail running competitions.
Omar di Felice
Italian ultra-cyclist who loves extreme adventures. Omar has twice won the title of Italian ultra- cycling champion (races over 300 km), in 2021 he became the first cyclist to have crossed the Himalayan region solo in winter, from Kathmandu till the Everest Base Camp. In 2022, he completed the Arctic world tour along the three boundary lines, but for the future he has even more extreme challenges in mind.
UYN Cycling collection
Our cycling apparel is developed together with Omar Di Felice and tested in the most extreme conditions. Not because we think you have to ride in prohibitive temperatures or remote regions, but because we want to guarantee you the absolute best in every situation.
Trinx Factory UCI MTB Team
Elite and Junior team led by former mountain bike champion Luca Bramati. The roster includes Italian cyclo-cross and mtb champion Gioele Bertolini, the legendary Eva Lechner, 31-time Italian champion and three-time world champion, and European Junior champion Valentina Corvi.
The Trinx Factory team chose UYN socks and technical underwear for the races, Recovery leggings and Nature Tune shoes for the after-race
Quantum Racing
The US team Quantum Racing has dominated The 52 Super Series, the Formula 1 of sailing, on a grand total of four occasions (2013, 2014, 2016 and 2018). Owned by the legendary Doug DeVos, the team unites famous champions and is the international scene’s leading light. Professionalism and the drive they have for success are values they share with UYN.
Giuliana Sailing
Team in the Club Swan 50 category led by owner Alberto Franchi. The Giuliana Sailing team is supported by UYN Skipper shoes.
Cecilia Zorzi
Cecilia is a sailor, born and raised in the beautiful mountains of Trentino. She is always been attracted to water, seas and oceans, and at 6 years old she started sailing on the small Caldonazzo lake. There, her journey in the youth classes began, culminating in an Olympic campaign with the “flying” catamaran Nacra 17. After many years of dinghy racing, Cecilia fell in love with offshore sailing. During the last two years, she sailed both short-handed and full-crew, racing two non-stop tours of Italy.
Training & Workout
Amaurys Pérez
World water polo champion in Shanghai 2011 and silver medalist at the London 2012 Olympics with the legendary Italian Settebello, Amaurys is the perfect example of a passionate and successful athlete - an inspiration for all sports enthusiasts.
Experience workout apparel that supports your muscles and frees your movement. Breathable, anti-odour, made of new-generation biomaterials.
Silvia Scalia
Born in Lecco (Italya) in 1995, Silvia Scalia started swimming when she was four months old. In 2015, she won her first Italian title in the 100 metres backstroke. In 2019, she set the Italian record in the 50 metres backstroke in 27:89. In 2022 at the European Championships in Rome, Silvia managed to break her own record with a time of 27:38.