Eucalyptus wood has never been so comfortable
The wood obtained from Eucalyptus trees becomes Ecolypt, a 100% sustainable fiber with exceptional properties. The characteristics of the pulp of the wood from which it is obtained give Ecolypt strength and great elasticity.
Its structure is composed of very small hydrophilic fibers that absorb up to 50% more moisture than cotton. In addition, the fiber is highly breathable, minimizes the formation of odors and thanks to its temperature regulating properties is able to provide a cooling effect in hot temperatures and warm in cold days.
The entire production process of ECOLYPT fiber is characterized by a closed loop: all water and enzymes are recovered and reused in a further production process.
100% Biodegradable
Born from nature, returns to nature.
Derived from Eucalyptus tree
Sustainably sourced from the Eucalyptus tree.
Thanks to very small hydrophilic fibres, it absorbs a large amount of moisture so that it evaporates faster.
Shop UYN® products made with Ecolypt
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    The first base layer made using bio-based fibres, for high-intensity activities at medium to low temperatures
  • Fusyon Biotech Baselayer
    A unique blend of Merino wool and high-performance bio-based fibres for low temperatures
  • Energyon Biotech Baselayer
    The bio-based base layer for medium temperatures, ventilation and breathability at maximum level
  • Kapok
    The vegetable wool
  • Flexycorn
    The sustainable alternative to elastane
  • Ecolypt
    Keeps you sweat and oder-free
  • Biolight
    Beech fibre, durable and breathable
  • Natex
    From castor oil seeds
  • Coolth_sl
    The bio-fiber with build-in air conditioning

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