From castor oil seeds
The obsessive research for top-quality biomaterials led us to Natex. Derived from castor oil seeds, Natex fibre reduces garment weight by 25%, dries 50% faster than conventional nylon, is more elastic and has a bacteriostatic effect that minimises odour.
Superior performance
Natex fibre reduces garment weight by 25%, dries 50% faster than petroleum-based polyamide, is more elastic and minimises odour.
Castor bean
This plant (Ricinus Communis) is not used for human consumption and is a totally renewable resource.
Bacteriostatic properties
Meaning it naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria and helps prevent the formation of odours.
Ultra elastic
Shop UYN® products made with Natex
  • Evolutyon Biotech Baselayer
    The first base layer made using bio-based fibres, for high-intensity activities at medium to low temperatures
  • Fusion Biotech Baselayer
    A unique blend of Merino wool and high-performance bio-based fibres for low temperatures
  • Energyon Biotech Baselayer
    The bio-based base layer for medium temperatures, ventilation and breathability at maximum level
  • Running Ultra 1
    The pinnacle of technology in running apparel. No seams in mobility zones: less chafing, more freedom of movement
  • Biking Airwing
    High-performance shirt featuring golf ball effect in the shoulder area to increase aerodynamics
  • Ski Socks
    The most advanced socks for winter sports
  • Running Socks
    The collection designed for racing and training
  • Trekking Socks
    Experience a new level of thermo-regulation and foot protection
  • Kapok
    The vegetable wool
  • Flexycorn
    The sustainable alternative to elastane
  • Ecolypt
    Keeps you sweat and oder-free
  • Biolight
    Beech fibre, durable and breathable
  • Natex
    From castor oil seeds
  • Coolth_sl
    The bio-fiber with build-in air conditioning

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